You're probably wondering about the daughter Isabella loves to clean-she comes by it honestly. I am a shameless clean freak. One morning I was working away in the kitchen while she had the mop I'd left out overnight to dry. And I look over to check on her and my then-7-month-old son, and say the five words I never thought I'd say as a parent, "Isabella, don't mop your brother!" He didn't mind, and she just wanted to make sure he was sparkly. So welcome to my world!

Friday, January 6, 2012

And I thought I'd be bored!

What seems a million years ago, I worked part-time. I started when my daughter was 7 months old, and continued even after my son was born 2 years later. It wasn’t until he was a few months old that I quit. My boss showed me how torn I was between my job and my responsibility as a mom; that I didn’t have the same passion for my job, I was distracted, and that I needed to be home with my children. Before you think my boss was pretty opinionated, let me state that I worked as the admin for our church-therefore my boss was also my pastor, and a man of great discernment. When he’d approached the idea of me staying home with my kids all day, I always said I needed the adult conversation, and that, being home all day, I would be bored silly. Ah, little did I know!

I don’t get the “What do you do all day?” question (I think the general public knows better than to ask that-although some may still harbor the idea that we eat bonbons and watch soap operas). Some days, as I’m tucking the kids into bed, I think, “Did I get anything accomplished?” (And by accomplished I mean items on my to-do list. I realize that being with my children all day is an accomplishment.) So I thought that I would write out all that I did one particular day: 

  1. Had devotions (with interruptions for milk and the Diego DVD from my son).
  2. Checked email.
  3. Cleaned up poop in the hallway and pee all over the kitchen floor (we are currently puppy-sitting for my husband’s grandma’s dog).
  4. Got fresh food and water for above-mentioned puppy.
  5. Changed food, water, treats, bath water and cage liner for the birds (we’re also bird-sitting!).
  6. Made breakfast for me and the kids (omelets, muffins, fruit-and-yogurt parfaits).
  7. Got the kids dressed/washed faces/brushed hair/brushed teeth.
  8. Stripped kids’ beds of sheets and started a load of laundry.
  9. Unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher.
  10. Hand-washed the dishes the dishwasher didn’t get clean.
  11. Polished the stove top.
  12. Prepped lunch (tortellini soup-lots of chopping).
  13. Folded up and put away the laundry in the dryer, so I could put clean clothes from washer in there.
  14. Made our bed and the guest bed.
  15. Cooked lunch.
  16. Organized the kids’ summer clothes.
  17. Made cookie dough for the freezer.
  18. Cleaned the kitchen after lunch and cookie dough making.
  19. Made a cake.
  20. Logged receipts in the computer.
  21. Made some forms for our condo association on the computer.
  22. Photographed items and re-posted some Craigslist items.
  23. Wrote a blog post.
  24. Showered (finally-at 3:00!).
  25. Decorated the cake.
  26. Gave the kids a bath/got them dressed/brushed hair.
  27. Unloaded/reloaded the dishwasher.
  28. Got Joshua’s grandma’s mail from downstairs.
  29. Helped the kids clean up their room before dinner.
  30. Put sheets on the kids’ beds.
  31. Vacuumed the hall after my son smashed a tea cup in the entryway.
  32. Fixed dinner (fish sticks and black eyed peas, so not too labor-intensive).
  33. Cleaned the kitchen.
  34. Went to a social event with the residents of our condo. I planned this, so it involved making coffee, setting out desserts, chasing the kids, then washing dishes, emptying garbage cans, boxing up food and sweeping, then unloading once we got home.
  35. Read to the kids.
  36. Filled coffee maker for tomorrow.
  37. Went to bed.
Yep, this stay at home mom stuff is bo-ring!

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