You're probably wondering about the daughter Isabella loves to clean-she comes by it honestly. I am a shameless clean freak. One morning I was working away in the kitchen while she had the mop I'd left out overnight to dry. And I look over to check on her and my then-7-month-old son, and say the five words I never thought I'd say as a parent, "Isabella, don't mop your brother!" He didn't mind, and she just wanted to make sure he was sparkly. So welcome to my world!

Monday, July 25, 2011

God's Jewelry

Recently I began studying the Proverbs in my daily Bible study time because, honestly, who couldn’t use more wisdom? Before I got very far into chapter one, these verses hit me:

8(I) Hear, my son, your father’s instruction,
and forsake not your mother’s teaching,
9for they are(J) a graceful garland for your head
and(K) pendants for your neck. (ESV)

And I thought about how instruction and teaching are God’s “jewelry”, if I may take some liberty. These are like a headband and a necklace! But, it’s more than just pretty accessories. Instruction and teaching (or God’s wisdom) should be what all my thoughts (headband) and all my emotions (necklace) are filtered through. As I wake up, my first thoughts can be about God-thanking Him for the night behind and the day ahead before my feet even hit the floor. I can “tune my heart to sing [His] praise” during the day. I can read His word and apply that wisdom to all my thoughts and emotions, asking Him to guide those things. So, as you put on your own jewelry this morning, ask God for His wisdom to be a headband over your mind and necklace over heart.

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